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Tracy Goodwin

How 6 Voice Masks Determine Your Reality

Most people have never heard about or realized there are seven hidden voice masks that affect their income, relationships, health, and well-being and ultimately link to perceived worth. We hide unaware, completely misrepresented by these six hidden voice masks that cost us everything and lead to stress, anxiety, anger, and an unfulfilled life. It is only in revealing the 7th layer of sound we can create the reality we so desperately desire and in turn communicate from that place of possibility as we navigate the world. By understanding the origin of and eradicating these masks we communicate from a different place which can change our world and the world for the better. In this talk I will identify the seven masks, reveal pieces of my quantifiable data from my research on this little known topic, show the audience how to dismantle and eliminate these barrier masks, and connect with their true voice, which is their power, their authenticity, the sound that will get them everything they want.


Stephanie Wilson

Unlocking Your 20’s and 30’s: 3 Questions To Create the Life You Want 

That decade between a woman's 25th and 35th birthday is where she makes most of her life defining decisions-- I call this The Everything Era. The Everything Era represents a woman’s most foundational life years… It’s the time for us to set the tone for our identities, our careers, our homes, and our families. And yet, we are currently separated by only ONE generation of women who still had to have a man’s permission in the U.S. to have a bank account! While these outdated ways have thankfully expired, we are now coming up against a lot of pressure to make ALL of our decisions within a 10 year window! Before we can decide what we want our lives to look like, we need to question our thoughts and beliefs – and WHO they came from. Are these people who we want deciding the direction of our lives? I believe there are three questions every woman can ask herself to get more connected to the life she actually wants: (1) WHAT do I think I’m “supposed to do” (2) WHO told me it has to be this way? (3) Are they right? The more I looked around at the actual women in my life that I admired– and saw how they were putting their lives together in many different ways that were beautiful and specifically suited to them, the more I was able to see that there was room for me to do the same in my own Everything Era. This is what I want for everyone.

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Unlocking Inclusion for People with Disabilities

In a world where people with disabilities often face exclusion and marginalization, it's crucial to understand the challenges they encounter daily. From physical barriers in public spaces to social stigmas and misconceptions, individuals with disabilities navigate a world that isn't always designed with their needs in mind. This underscores the critical importance of empathy in creating a more inclusive society. Understanding and acknowledging these challenges is the first step toward fostering a more empathetic and inclusive community.  You will learn about the foundational importance of empathy in creating inclusive communities. You will discover how personal accountability and empathy can drive meaningful change, empowering you to play a vital role in building a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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Indigenous Perspectives of Public Health, Disability, and Life Balance

An indigenized approach to disability awareness, advocacy and family support services and training curriculum. The disability culture and the Native culture have many similarities when it relates to self-determination, inclusion and significant need for appropriate services. Jim has over 30 years professional experience with disability services for Tribal Members with Disabilities. He is a member of the Oglala Lakota Tribal Nation located on Pine Ridge reservation in southwest South Dakota. He works with USD Oyáte Circle to honor his Tribal Nation and the Oyáte... the people. Jim will share examples of practice based evidence models of success working with Tribal Nations and individuals with disabilities.

Santosh, PhD

AI for All –
Let us build Sustainable AI

Prof. Santosh’s been a prominent speaker worldwide, recognized internationally as a keynote speaker for major conference events in AI, Machine Learning, and Humanities, with audiences exceeding 500 per event. Prof. Santosh will emphasize that "AI is the future—regardless of your background, whether it's biology, chemistry, or any other field." It includes everything anywhere ranging from healthcare to agriculture and to finance. With all these, he will address the potential yield of carbon footprint caused by AI models by highlighting the need of sustainable AI models—green computing. His talk is inclusive, promoting the idea of "AI for all and for good."


Katbi, MD

Why Sleep is Essential for Combatting Burn-Out

Before the pandemic, 45.8% of physicians were experiencing burnout, according to the American Medical Association. Since the onset of the pandemic, that number jumped up to 61%. And overall, 29% of people under 30 are burned out. In my talk, I will share how to build strength and resilience by fortifying your own five pillars of optimal health. You will learn: - The crucial importance of sleep and how to get what you need; - How your emotional health is undeniably linked to your physical well-being; - The basics of mindful eating and how to get the superfoods you need to thrive; - The power of intentional breathing, and how it can change your life; - How to find the physical activity you love and will enjoy doing forever.

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Enjoy Your Uptime: Three Ways to Level Up Your Life

We all covet one another's downtime, and for good reason! The breakneck pace of our work lives can leave us winded and worn, so time spent sunning on a beach, skiing down a mountain, bowling with friends, and reading a good book provides needed respite. Unfortunately, social media has us so wrapped up in others' vacations and staycations that we too often neglect to consider another blessing: that of uptime. Uptime is the years we spend contributing, learning, growing, sparring, celebrating, evolving, and connecting through our work. My unique perspective was born in the pain of watching cancer steal my mom's uptime, and I'd like to share this lesson with those fortunate enough to be ignorant of it.

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